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IT-Service, Computer Help, Laptop-Service, Smartphones, Repair, Web design, Security and much more at Lake Balaton.

Your English-speaking technology specialist – reliable and nearby, at fair prices.

Computer service, laptop service, computer assistance, computer repair, laptop repair, and web design at Lake Balaton, specifically in and around Keszthely and Tapolca at Lake Balaton.

Lake Balaton and surrounding area

The following cities, and everything in between, are covered by my computer service and laptop service at Lake Balaton in Hungary in English:

Ajka, Alsópáhok, Badacsonytomaj, Balatonberény, Balatongyörök, Cserszegtomaj, Devecser, Gyenesdiás, Héviz, Iszkáz, Jánosháza, Keszthely, Marcali, Nagykanizsa, Nemesbük, Pápa, Révfülöp, Rezi, Sárvár, Siófok, Sümeg, Szigliget, Szombathely, Tapolca, Tihany, Ukk, Veszprém, Zalaegerszeg, Zalakaros, Zalaszentgrót, and many more.

Computer Reparatur und Laptop Reparatur in Ungarn am Balaton

IT-Service & Consulting

Computer broken? I am your personal contact for computer, laptop, and printer issues. When it comes to computer service, laptop assistance, problem-solving, and advice at Lake Balaton, I am here for you. Whether your device is slow, malfunctioning, or you simply need knowledgeable advice, I have the technical solutions for you. With my extensive experience and expertise, I will resolve your problems so that you can surf, work, and game without worries again.

Mobile Devices

Need help with your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices at Lake Balaton? I am your expert for problem-solving, and consultations. Whether you require assistance with the configuration, undesired behavior, slowness, or you simply need advice on technical questions or new purchases, I am here to assist you. I will ensure that your device is quickly restored to flawless functionality, and together, we will maximize the performance and functionality of your mobile devices.

Netzwerke und Internet Einrichtung und Hilfe am Plattensee

Network- & Systemtechnology

Need assistance with your network, internet, data, or system? I am here to provide not only repairs, problem-solving, and consultations, but also conduct radiation and electromagnetic fields measurements and offer guidance if you are sensitive to radiation. Additionally, I can assist you in measuring your power consumption so that you clearly understand your usage. With my modern approach, I ensure that your network, data, and system technology function flawlessly while considering your needs and security.

Sicherheit, Datenschutz, Privatsphäre, Passwort, VPN Beratung und Hilfe


Are you concerned about your IT security and want to protect your data? As your IT security expert, I offer solutions for data recovery, secure and anonymous internet browsing, antivirus, and VPN. Whether you have fallen victim to malware, need to protect or recover sensitive data, or simply want to enjoy secure internet browsing, I am here for you. Together, we will make your IT environment secure and give you peace of mind.

Webdesign und Webentwicklung mit WordPress am Balaton

Web Design & Web Development

I offer you a comprehensive service to lead your online presence at Lake Balaton to success. With my expertise in e-commerce, WordPress, SEO, and web hosting, I am here to create a tailored website that optimally represents your brand. I take care of all the technical and creative details, allowing you to focus on your business. With my focus on SEO optimization and security, I ensure that your website not only looks great but also gets found by search engines and runs reliably. I will create a website that impresses your customers and sets you apart from the competition – if desired, fully turnkey and continuously maintained.

Grafik und Design Beratung und Erstellung von Visitenkarten und Flyern

Graphic & Design

Are you looking for a graphic service provider to help you create a unique and professional visual identity for your business? My experienced graphic designers are here to assist you with creating company logos, logo branding, app logos, illustrations, color schemes, and design consultations. With our modern and creative approaches, we ensure that your business stands out from the crowd and leaves a lasting impression. Whether you already have clear ideas or are still searching for fresh ideas, we are here to support you every step of the way. Let’s create together the perfect visual identity for your company and impress customers of all ages.

Training, Schulung und Nachhilfe für Computer und Informationstechnologien

Training & Enablements

Do you want to expand your technical know-how and enhance your skills in web development, Windows, Linux, network technology, computer systems, Java, and IT security? As an experienced trainer and training provider, I am here to assist individuals, vocational school students, students, gifted children, and companies at Lake Balaton. In my training sessions, I combine a modern and practical approach to ensure that you acquire the relevant knowledge and skills that are in demand in today’s technological world.

Artificial Intelligence

Are you searching for innovation and efficiency in your business? Then you’ve come to the right place! I can help you unleash the full potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With ChatGPT, we revolutionize your communication and work processes by enabling natural language interactions and optimizing content creation. The Stable Diffusion Technology enables impressive image generation, opening up entirely new possibilities for visual content. And with AI-powered text-to-speech technology, we bring your texts to life – quickly and affordably. Efficient, secure, and always at the cutting edge – together, we shape your future. Let’s give your business the modern touch it deserves!

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Are you looking to dive into the exciting world of cryptocurrencies? No problem, I’m here to assist you with my expertise and experience. I offer comprehensive consultation and training for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, NFTs, and other digital coins. With me as your personal guide, you’ll navigate through the complex world of cryptocurrencies. Whether it’s about trading, security, or practical applications of cryptocurrencies, I’m your trusted companion. Let’s seize the opportunities that the digital financial world offers and optimize your investments cleverly and professionally together!


Hourly rate (gross)
Private (on-site)
29,00 €
Private (on-site) – Emergency service after hours (Mon. – Fri. from 18:00 o`clock, Sat. from 16:00 o`clock and Sun- and holidays).
57,00 €
Private (Remote)
26,00 €
Commercial (on-site)
57,00 €
Commercial (on-site) – Private (on-site) – Emergency service after hours (Mon. – Fri. from 18:00 o`clock, Sat. from 16:00 o`clock and Sun- and holidays).
114,00 €
Commercial (Remote)
52,00 €
Training (Commercial)
34,00 €
Training (Adults, Private)
19,50 €
Training (Pupils and Children)
16,00 €

Travel expenses:

Flat fee (gross)
5,70 €
19,60 €
19,60 €
29,00 €
29,00 €
29,00 €
29,00 €
29,00 €
57,00 €
57,00 €
57,00 €
57,00 €
57,00 €
57,00 €
57,00 €
74,00 €
89,00 €


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